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Fantastic interview -- Nic Roeg! Wow, I'd be pleased too. I have to say, having attended the Meltdown show with Moore, Smith, Ian Sinclair, Tilda Swinton et al. that it was MAGNIFICENT and one of my most fond concert experiences. Smith seemed to really be having a ball, wandering around the audience playing her saxophone. Transplendent, LOL.

That was a great interview. Thanks for the treat.
Looking forward to all these great books.
And I love the picture of Alan too (did you take this?), which reminds me a little of Botticelli's Birth of Venus, in some warped way.

(Got here via John Coulthart, in case you are wondering).

Why, thank ye, Jess. I've enjoyed your League annotation books a lot, they've encouraged me to read many works from the 1890's on that I might not have otherwise.
Looking forward to the 1910 notes. There were a lot of characters in the occult club scene I was mystified about.

Thanks! I think I've got everyone in the club scene, but of course I'll need to have the art in front of me to get what O'Neill put in.

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